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2017 fall media

Jack Wong

Fashion Designer

Jack Wong

Fashion Designer

Jack Wong is a contemporary, Los Angeles based fashion designer, born and raised in Hong Kong. Graduating at the top of his class with honors from FIDM, Jack found his niche early on by specializing in the market of luxury sweaters.

Four years of technical design experience and his driving passion for the craft allowed Jack to learn every aspect of the fashion industry. His design esthetics are influenced by natural elements, with a twist of futuristic flair. Intuitive instincts in sourcing sustainable fabrics, natural fibers, and the pursuit of cutting edge premarket materials have given Jack the ability to design and develop trend right brand clothing with great success.

The inspiration behind M.i.N.N.E.® is illustrated by experimentation with fabrics, cuts and construction to create a range of designs that stay true to our heritage, while pushing us forward into new and uncharted territory.

The collection was built around elements that cover all the daily basic essentials while using these new and unique materials, giving that luxuriously subtle, and well balanced feel that is distinctly M.i.N.N.E.®

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